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document 11 Post-Ordination Life and Ministry - Peterson

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Deacon Daniel Peterson (Diocese of Phoenix) PowerPoint that explores Chapter 7 of the National Directory. A look at the goals of post-ordination formation as Complete, Systematic and Personalized towoard develop the of the deacon and his commitment to spiritual growth.

pdf Candidacy (Part One) -Michalak

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Part I. PDF by Deacon Joseph Michalak (Archdiocese of St. Paul - Minneapolis). Considerations for constructing a candidacy curriculum.

pdf Candidacy (PartTwo) - Michalak

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Part II. PDF by Deacon Joseph Michalak (Archdiocese of St. Paul - Minneapolis). 2007-2008 NDI. Further considerations in constructing a candidacy curriculum.

document Catholic Context of Diaconal Candidacy - McKnight

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PowerPoint file by Rev. Shawn McKnight which examines the Catholic content of candidacy for diaconal ministry as immersion into the three-fold ministry of Christ: Word, Liturgy and Moral Life.

pdf Celibacy Marriage and the Diaconate - Michalak

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PDF by Deacon Joseph Michalak (Archdiocese of St. Paul - Minneapolis). As the primary locus of married clergy in the Western Church, the diaconate is poised for a unique and significant contribution toward the renewal of marriage; the gift of celibacy.

pdf Constructing Candidacy Cirriculum - Michalak

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(2007) NDI overview of National Directory chapter 6.

pdf Continuing Education Task Force Chart -- NADD - Healey

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5-page chart comparing views of NADD Task Force members on the subject of continuing education. Assembled by Dr. Ann Healey.  Members include Tim Charek, Bill Ditewig, Steve Garret, and Ted Kraus. Topic areas: Integration of formation and post-formation continuing education; post-ordination continuing education; suggested areas of post-ordination study; and role of competencies in formation and continuing education.

pdf Curriculum Construction and Assessment - Michalak

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Outline of curriculum construction and assessment theory based on Chapters 6 and 8 of the National Directory. Deacon Joseph Michalak, Archdiocese of St. Paul - Minneapolis.

document Deacon as Eyes, Ears, Heart and Soul of the Bishop - Ditewig

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PowerPoint by Deacon William Ditewig providing an overview of the ministry and life of deacons as the eyes, ears, heart and soul of the bishop through examination of tradition/history, contemporary realities, the National Directory, and trends/issues.

pdf Deacon as the Icon of Christ the Servant - Ross

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document Deacon Aspirancy and Discernment - Keating

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document Deacon Mentor Orientation - Swope - Atlanta

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PowerPoint by Deacon Steve Swope, Archdiocese of Atlanta. NDI Project. Steps to orient mentors for deacon candidates.

document Deacon Widows Presentation to NADD 2019 Swope

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Deacon Widows Presentation to NADD 2019 - Swope.pptx

Deacon Widows Presentation to NADD 2019 Swope

PowerPoint presentation by Deacon Steve Swope about widowed deacons and celibacy. 

document Deacons as Unique Ministers of Communion - McKnight

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PowerPoint by Rev. Shawn McKnight. Traces the flow of sacramental identity of the deacon from his unique ministry on the altar to service that is not ordinary, common or menial.

document Equipped for Every Good Work -- Adult Learning Theory -- Leahy

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PowerPoint presentation by Mr. Jack Leahy, Director - Institute for the Formation and Ministry of the Permanent Diaconate, Pontifical College Josephimum.  Overview of the the adult learning model and how it applies to the continuing formation of deacons.

document Equipped for Every Good Work; Continuing Education for the Diaconate - Schreck

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PowerPoint presentation by Msgr. Christopher Schreck; Rector of the Pontifical College Josephinum and President of the Institute for the Formation and Ministry of the Permanent Diaconate.   Ordination is an event; formation is a life-long process. Fromation requires growth in the understanding and appreciation of the Mass, Reconciliation, Liturgy of the Hours, Personal Reflection, Sacred Reading, Devotional Prayer, and Solitude.

pdf Excerpts from Historical Documents - Healey

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Dr. Ann Healey lists noteworthy excerpts from historical documents pertaining to the diaconate: Guidelines (1971); Revision (1984); Continuing Education for Priests (2001); Basic Plan for the Continuing Education for Priests (2001); Basic Norms (1998); NAtional Directory (2005).

pdf Five Year Structure for Formation and Post-Ordination -- Michalak

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Proposed plan for Archdiocese of St. paul - Minneapolis by Deacon Joseph Michalak. Five-year plan covers formation through post-ordination.

pdf Forerunners -- History on development of text on continuing education - Healey

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Dr. Ann Healey's presentation to help understand the National Directory text on post-ordination formation.

document Formation Leadership Manual - Johnson - Austin

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Formation Leadership Plan for the Diocese of Austin by Deacon Tom Johnson. NDI Project. Objectives include continuous recruitment plan for diaconal applicants, and identifying what brings a man to discernment.