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2018 Diaconate Congress
Join us in New Orleans to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Restoration of the Permanent Diaconate in the United States
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  • What is NADD?
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  • 2018 Diaconate Congress
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Tuesday, March 13, 2018 Deacon Tom Dubois Information 19423

The National Association of Diaconate Directors (NADD) supports member Roman Catholic dioceses and Eastern Catholic eparchies in the United States and Canada in their work of formation, ministry and life of deacons. NADD member services include an annual convention, the National Directory and Ministry and Life Institutes, online document resources, discount book sales, program visitation/consultation, and networking.

Looking for informaton about the 2018 National Diaconate Congress? Please visit www.deacon2018.org for details!

NADD members enjoy many benefits:
- NADD not only helps diocesan and eparchy diaconate offices to operate successful programs for the formation of Catholic deacons in accord with the National Directory, but offers extensive post-ordination resources too

- NADD offers workshops, reference materials and opportunities to network with peers on issues affecting formation, ministry and life of deacons

- NADD keeps members in-touch through e-newsletters, meetings and in-depth online resources

- NADD conducts annual conventions featuring noted speakers and practical workshop topics

- NADD offers the Deacon Institute Series which will resume in 2019 following the 2018 Congress:

 - National Directory Institute (NDI ) addresses the normative objectives for the period of Inquiry through Ordination

Video of Bishop Frederick F. Campbell, Bishop of Columbus and Chair of the Bishop’s Committee on the Diaconate, talking about the Diaconate upon promulgation of the National Directory (2005). Please CLICK HERE for the video.

- Ministry and Life Institute (MLI) addresses Post-Ordination formation to enhance the ministry and life of deacons in your diocese

- NADD resources include an online membership directory, sample manuals, texts of convention presentations, and books at a discount

- NADD is the sole diaconal consultant organization to the USCCB Committee on Clergy, Consecrated Life and Vocations


2018 Diaconal Congress 

NADD is organizing the 2018 Diaconal Congress of Deacons to be held in the Archdiocese of New Orleans in July 2018. This event marks the 50th anniversary of the renewal of the Order of Deacon as a permanent ministry in the Church. 


Planning for this speical event is underway, but we need your financial support to make it happen! Please write a generous check to NADD to help fund our planning and organization efforts. The National Association of Diaconate Directors (NADD) is recognized as a not for profit charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code.  


Please make checks payable to: NADD-2018

Mail checks to: NADD-2018
                      7625 North High Street
                      Columbus, OH 43235

NADD Mission Statement:
The National Association of Diaconate Directors exists to support diaconate directors, associate directors, and their staffs with their mission to enable deacons, candidates, aspirants, their wives and families to utilize their gifts in the servie of the Church following the model of Jesus Christ. 


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NADD offices are located in the Pope John Paul II Education
Center on the campus of the Pontificial College Josephinium
in Columbus, Ohio.