National Association of Diaconate Directors

Supporting diaconate directors, associate directors,
and their staffs mission to enable deacons, candidates, aspirants, their wives and
families to utilize their gifts in the service of the Church following
the model of Jesus Christ.

Support diaconate directors, associate directors, and their staffs with their mission...
Help, resources and networking to operate successful programs for deacons...
Convention, National Directory and Ministry and Life Institutes, online resources...
Deacons are obligated to give priority to the spiritual life and to live their diakonia with generosity. They should integrate their family obligations, professional life, and ministerial responsibilities so as to grow in their commitment to the person and mission of Christ, the Servant. Clerics have a special obligation to seek holiness in their lives “because they are consecrated to God by a new title in the reception of orders as dispensers of God’s mysteries in the service of his people.”

--National Directory, Paragraph 63